How Toffee Can Actually Make You Happier

Listen, we all need a little excuse to eat toffee every now and then.

But did you know that this indulgence is actually doing your body some good other than providing that much-needed comfort?

It’s true. There are actually a few well-known benefits to eating chocolate and toffee — though it is important that we put out the disclaimer that everything should be enjoyed in moderation, including toffee.

In this blog, we’ll be pointing out a few benefits of eating toffee that can actually help you lead a happier life.

At Hard Crack Toffee Shop, we make our gourmet toffee in small batches to ensure quality, adding in our own unique mixtures of all-natural ingredients and methods to produce a deliciously addictive toffee treat.

Keep reading to learn how your indulgences can actually make you happier and get your gourmet toffee today.

Natural Ingredients

One of the main reasons why toffee can make you feel happier is the fact that there is little-to-no guilt associated with this type of sweet indulgence.

Sure, it includes ingredients like sugar and butter which, in excess, can cause issues — but the important thing to keep in mind is that our gourmet toffee is made with all-natural ingredients.

That means no feeling guilty over not knowing what is going into your body. We use high-quality ingredients that are free from preservative and artificial flavors to ensure the highest quality product.

What about that wouldn’t make you feel good about eating?

Brain Boost

Some studies have shown that eating small amounts of chocolate on a regular basis can actually help improve cognitive function — including things like memory, attention, and focus.

Coupled with the fact that toffee includes carbohydrates, you can count on this deliciously sweet treat to provide that mid-afternoon boost you need to get through the rest of your work day.


This is another fairly obvious result of eating toffee — particularly the types that are lathered with a top layer of chocolate.

Every now and then, we all deserve to treat ourselves. Whether we are feeling down in the dumps, we just accomplished something great, or we have been doing a great job on our dietary habits, chocolate can be a great and valuable reward.

It’s known that indulging in sweets produces some happy endorphins, which helps to soothe your mood and make you feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable in any situation.


Everyone can benefit from a little deviation from the norm every now and again. Toffee represents that change for many people.

As opposed to other types of candy, toffee is unique for its ability to provide a buttery crunchy mixed with a delicious richness from the chocolate. This is a mixture you just don’t find everywhere.

Not to mention, our gourmet toffee comes in a variety of flavors — from original milk chocolate, to white chocolate, to dark chocolate and even lavender.

Try out our toffee variety pack to taste them all and start feeling happier as soon as the bag reaches your door!

Now you have that excuse you’ve been looking for — treat yourself with Hard Crack Toffee today and get addicted!